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Founded in 2016 by Natalia Bugai, Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Natalia Rhythmic Gymnastics Club gathered considerable momentum and a favorable position amongst Dubai’s top sports schools in a short span of time. We take pride as our talented and adept gymnasts have received accolades through their active participation in various local and international competitions. Natalia Gymnastics Club is the only rhythmic gymnastic school in the UAE that is qualified to certify students by classification. Her gymnasts have been proudly representing UAE in gymnastics competitions all over the world.

  • We hold master-class sessions with famous World champions of Europe.
  • Organize and hold internal exams and competitions within UAE.
  • Organize and hold International Rhythmic Gymnastics Camps at various locations and countries.

NATALIA BUGAI | Founder & Head Coach 

Natalia pursued her career in Rhythmic Gymnastics from an early age of 6 years. She had a keen interest in gymnastics right from childhood and was determined to pursue a career in her passion. Until the age of 17, she was under expert guidance of world renowned coach, Pskov Soldatova Irina. As she grew up, she went on to participate in over 200 competitions parallel to several future champions of the world. Owing to 11 years of intensive training coupled with her hard work and dedication, she was appreciated for her talent and awarded the title of Master Of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

She went on to Egypt to establish her first gymnastics club, where she possessed over 74 gymnasts and her academy represented Egypt in numerous International tournaments.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics combines the elegance of ballet with a dash of drama and theatre. It boasts of being a glamorous sport, blurring the boundaries between art and sport. Around 80% of the gymnasts in the academy are Russians, which qualifies them to be enrolled in the Olympic Reserve School in Moscow, where they will be certified and will help them in securing admission in reputed sport institutions and universities on an international level. 

Varying Levels

Varying Levels

We understand that every child is unique and will take time to pick up this interesting activity. We do not believe in pushing the kids to higher levels but give them time to learn on their own with varying levels of difficulty.


 Expert Coaches

All our coaches, choreographers and teachers are certified and professional gymnastics instructers having years of experience of this sport. All of them possess many awards in gymnastics to their credit.

Suitable Timings

Convenient Timings 

Our gymnastics programs are devised with convenient timings and affordable prices keeping in mind your busy schedule and availability.  We are easily approachable in many locations around Dubai.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics is a popular, elite sports in the world and is very much preferred in the UAE too. Being a women-only activity, it makes way for women empowerment in budding minds to compete with confidence at any stage of life. We have devised different levels for interested students keeping them motivated to aim for the sky!

kids gym

Kids' Gym

Beginner students are introduced to the basics of gymnastics' elements, straight and back posture, and general physical training. 



Kids learn the feeling of music and rhythm. Exercises for muscle development, toning, flexibility and small-sized mobility are practised. 



Children are taught to work on coordination, acrobatics, participate in competitions (freehand and apparatuses). 



They work with all apparatuses (ball, rope, hoop, ribbon) while focusing on endurance, high-speed, extensions, flexibility and force abilities.

dance styles

Dance Styles

We have introduced new dancing styles for kids and adults. Try our Zumba & Oriental dance classes for adults and Latino style for kids.

boys only

Boys-Only Session

Special gymnastics sessions dedicated to boys with attention to Beginners and Basic levels– Stretching, toning & Elements of Acrobatics.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance 

Boys and girls are encouraged to master the techniques of trending dance forms such as contemporary, ballet, hiphop and others.

Boys Only Session

Latin Dances For Kids

Boys and girls are taught popular Latin dance forms such as Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba and many more. 

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Rhythmic Gymnastics is a popular, elite sports in the world and is very much preferred in the UAE too. Being a women-only activity, it makes way for women empowerment in budding minds to compete with confidence at any stage of life. We have devised different levels for interested students keeping them motivated to aim for the sky!

Stretching and Toning

Stretching and Toning

Stretching and toning classes help relax and shape muscles besides improving flexibility and posture.

Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance

Kids improve their range of motion with this famous Middle-Eastern dance form in stages of varied difficulty. 

Zumba & Latino Dances

Zumba & Latino Dances

Zumba is a full-body workout that improves coordination, boosts stamina and is fun for girls and boys of all ages.

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Natalia Gymnastics offers sessions with flexible timings to suit your convenience and availability. 

The timings and session are at your disposal.

Schedule 1 

Check out our 15-week schedule with fee-structure and timings, starting from September 1st 2019 through December 14th, 2019.

Schedule 2 

Know more about our daily schedule. We assure flexible timings for each class so that you don't miss out any session.


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Welcome to the world of Natalia Gymnastics Club and take a look at our budding gymnasts!

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We have garnered a stellar reputation due to our hard work and determination which has earned us a long list of satisfied clientele.

catherine jones

My daughters have shown great interest and passion for gymnastics since the day they joined this club. The instructors are really doing a good job, I must say!

vanetta sparks

I wanted my son to be active and not lazy as he mostly keeps to himself and doesn't interact much. The kids' gym classes have made him social and very energetic.

Liz jones

It feels so good to see your kids adopting a healthy and fun-filled lifestyle, and not just being at home lazy, using cellphones and watching television all day. I am so happy!

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